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How to maintain the camera
- Apr 03, 2018 -

Well-maintained camera equipment can be used to maximize the effectiveness of taking the best photos. In matters, the proper use of equipment is the best maintenance, because the correct use, there will be no problem. Camera maintenance mainly includes the following aspects:

1, to the digital camera with a hood to avoid strong light, use a transparent protective film, you can more effectively protect the camera screen from being scratched.

2. When shooting, pass the lens directly to the camera to prevent damage to the camera's CCD board.

3. In winter, when entering the room from the outside, the machine is susceptible to condensation. Like the glasses that are usually worn, the correct method is to place the digital camera in a sealed plastic bag.

4, when the user is shooting, it is best to take out the tape and remove the battery.

5, try to avoid shooting in the rain, snow days.

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