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Surveillance camera selection guide
- Apr 03, 2018 -

The television monitoring system directly monitors the monitored places and targets by monitoring the cameras, lenses, electric pan/tilt, and other devices. The content of the image information of the monitored place and the target can be transmitted to the recorder for recording.

Camera: The optical signal of the subject is converted into an electrical signal, which is then sent to the transmission section of the system for transmission.

Camera should use CCD black and white, color camera. Black and white camera horizontal resolution ≥ 400 lines, color camera horizontal resolution ≥ 270 lines. SNR requirement ≥46dB. The camera with different sensitivities should be selected according to the illumination of the monitoring target. The minimum ambient illumination of the monitoring target should be higher than 10 times the minimum illumination of the camera. When remote control is needed, a remote control lens device with optical focus, aperture opening, and zoom can be used. The camera can be used with a small size, light weight, charge-coupled device (CCD) type camera that is easy to install and repair on site. According to the working environment should be equipped with the appropriate camera protective cover. Protective cover can be set according to the need for temperature control systems and remote wipers. Fixed camera support device in a specific location, can use the camera bracket or PTZ. When a camera needs to monitor multiple scenes in different directions, an auto-focusing device and a remote-controlled electric pan/tilt head should be configured. When the camera needs to be concealed, it can be set in the ceiling or wall. The lens can use pinhole or prism lens. For the anti-theft system, additional external sensors and system combinations can be installed to perform linkage alarms. System equipment for monitoring underwater targets should adopt high-sensitivity camera tubes, sealed pressure-resistant and waterproof protective sleeves, and water seepage alarm devices.