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The development of video recorders
- Apr 03, 2018 -

After 20 years of overseas analog surveillance products rushing to the mainland China market, almost 20 years of foreign brands and products dominate the world. Despite the fact that some ethnic enterprises participate in the competition in this industry, they have not had the opportunity to form the mainstream of national brands. With the rapid development of digital technology, the security field has undergone a full-scale digital transformation. Since 2000, the digital security market has experienced rapid development. A number of emerging digital surveillance product manufacturers have been born in China, of which digital security products are represented. DVR manufacturers have risen rapidly. In just a few years, digital surveillance technology has been applied to all walks of life. It has made a positive contribution to the stability and stability of society, and it has also made the original monitoring market fundamental. The changes, analog surveillance products gradually withdraw from the market, DVR is widely used as a major component of digital security projects, and national brand products gradually occupy a major share of the market.

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