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The development trend of the camera
- Apr 03, 2018 -

Domestic DVR manufacturers are more "easy to get" in the opportunities for entering the market. In the DVR product market, domestic manufacturers entered as product pioneers, which in turn played a leading role in product promotion. In the same period, foreign manufacturers' DVR products failed to exert brand pressure on domestic manufacturers in such areas as market application. These factors gave domestic manufacturers the space and time to enter and grow. In the video camera market, when domestic brands entered, foreign brands had obtained initial recognition from the Chinese market under the promotion and education of their agents. Moreover, the layout of foreign manufacturers to the Chinese market has basically settled. Therefore, domestic camera brands face the suppression and competition of “foreign brands” at the initial stage.

DVR manufacturers have a higher starting point and historical background. The DVR manufacturers in the domestic first echelon are mostly originating from research institutes. When they are involved in the DVR industry, they all have a certain enterprise scale, technical R&D strength team, and a more professional sales system, even if they are exploring on the DVR. It is also regarded as "walking with a flashlight." In contrast, domestic camera manufacturers have not been so lucky when they started, and many of them rely on themselves as agents to “accumulate stones” and accumulate them slowly.