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Video recorder function
- Apr 03, 2018 -

The video recorder is a recording and playback device in a closed-circuit television monitoring system. It requires a very long recordable time. Most video recorders dedicated to the surveillance system can record videos of 24H to 960H. In addition, the video recorder must also have a remote control function so that it can easily perform remote operations on the video recorder, or automatically operate the video recorder with a control signal in a closed-circuit television system.

The dedicated video recorder in the CCTV surveillance system is an intermittent video recorder. It has a variety of time interval video recording modes. On a 1/2 inch VHS/E180 cassette, up to 960H recordings can be recorded. The video recorder is equipped with a character signal generator, which can display the month/day/year/week/hour/minute/second/video mode on the image signal, and can also show the number and alarm mode of the camera and the alarm on the image. Using the automatic recording period setting function, you can program the recording mode for each day of the week. When the alarm signal is received, the recorder automatically enters the continuous recording state. In the absence of an alarm, the recorder resumes the normal intermittent recording mode. In addition, the recorder also has a lock protection key that invalidates abnormal commands and operations to prevent non-professionals and destructive operations from invading the CCTV surveillance system.