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How To Use The Camera
- Apr 03, 2018 -

Cameras are very sophisticated and expensive equipment. Always pay attention to their safety when using them. When you are out shooting, you should have a safe and safe packing box. If you are transporting by long distance, pay attention to putting the camera equipment on the front of the car to minimize the vibration of the machine.

1, protect the LCD screen, digital camera LCD screen during use, may be stuck on some difficult to wipe fingerprints or dirt, in addition to a soft cloth to wipe, you can paste a transparent protective film, can be more effective Avoid scratching the screen.

2. Camera crews should pay attention to the connection between the cable and the video recorder when they shoot the lens. Do not run away from the machine. Ignore the cable and connect it to the video recorder to prevent the cable recorder from being torn off due to the cable or excessive force. The connection in the camera cable.

3, the camera should be protected from rain. Avoid using the camcorder where moisture, high temperatures, hurrying to scratch lenses with sharp objects, large dust, and strong magnetic fields. These factors can cause the camera to suffer a lot or damage the machine.

4, because most of the camera is the use of camera tubes, long exposure to light or strong reflective, may cause the camera tube burned out. When the camera is used, it must not be facing the light and the sun, nor can it focus on them. Avoid this loss.

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