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IP Camera's Convenience
- Apr 03, 2018 -

IP network cameras not only support all the standard analog CCTV camera functions, but also provide users with more system functions and can reduce more costs. Because IP network cameras can be plugged directly into existing data networks and applied via Ethernet, companies can save thousands of dollars in wiring costs. At the same time, IP network cameras can work independently on PCs, and images can be read using standard web browsers. take. In addition, IP network cameras also save the company a large number of specific monitoring equipment and systems, because the system can use the IP machine to monitor and control the real-time network in any corner of the world. The analog CCTV system requires special monitoring equipment and security personnel who are responsible for monitoring images. Create a new era of high-tech surveillance IP network cameras can transmit video signals of 30 frames per second in real time through a standard web browser via coaxial CCTV systems and computer networks. Leading technology developers have included tracking down and detecting pre and post-alert messages, sending short messages via e-mail and SMS, and the centralized use of wireless and wireline technologies will promote the delivery of clearer images.