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The Main Performance Of The Camera
- Apr 03, 2018 -

Signal to noise ratio

It is the ratio of the video signal level to the noise level. This indicator is an important indicator of camera quality. The higher the SNR, the clearer the picture and the higher the quality, usually above 50dB.


Sensitivity is based on 32000K color temperature, 2000LUX illuminance light shines on the gray card with 89-90% of the reflection coefficient, with the camera shooting, the image level reaches the specified value, the required aperture index F, F value is greater, The higher the sensitivity.


It is generally expressed in terms of sharpness, ie, the number of distinguishable TV lines on the screen, which is divided into horizontal resolution and vertical resolution. And the indicators given are all the clarity of the central part.

Geometric distortion

As with the television's geometric distortion, the camera also has a geometric distortion. The camera is caused by the optical system of the lens and the scanning and deflection circuit of the camera tube. For the CCD, if the lens distortion is not considered, there is no geometric distortion in itself. (General indicators: geometric distortion: below measurable level)